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Hey, I'm Netz!

AKA Pixi

Ever since I was a kid I always got drawn to many different hobbies and multidisciplinary skills. I am a maker at heart, creating, inventing, self studying. I love art, technology, surfing and music.

I work in the Tech business for around 15 years. An expert of infrastructure, architecting systems and designing creative solutions.

Technology has been around me ever since I asked my dad what is "Scan Disk" at the age of 7. This quick and immediate pull into this wonderful grey box, combined with being a kid in the golden age of computer games at the 90's, has gotten me to understand everything about personal computing in a very early stage of my millennial life :)

Art I also started from an early stage - sketching, drawing, painting, building miniature models. I always drew my inspiration from the little details around me, trying to dwell as less as I can in social media websites that cloud our creativity and constrict our mind.

At some point my playground became tinkering with electronics and Arduino to create my own mood lamps, or a "surf is up" light up sign based on real wave data. Designing websites, creating digital products and automation scripts for daily technological "life hacks", such as bot on steroids finding me an apartment.

I've always had some sort of online presence, however I've never got to put my portfolio as a whole

Dividing my passions into two different shops, I have the digital assets shop and clothing & accessories shop where I channel my ideas & sketches into tangible goods! It contains many different designs, which are basically reflection of my observation of Life. Taking colors and influences from around us. My designs are very surf orientied due to my deep love and respect for the ocean. Surfing is one of my biggest passions, I ride a 9'2 Stweart longboard and I kitesurf. For the surfers among you - used to ride Slingshot and North kites, my quiver is built mainly from Cabhrina equipment at the moment.