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In surf culture there is a term called "Beach Bunny" (google it up).

I had this blank vinyl designer toy of Bugs Bunny sitting around my studio for quite some time. Some day after a good surf session with a friend, we somehow got to bring up that term and had a joke about it.

When I got back home and I've put my surfboard away at the studio my eyes caught the bunny, the design popped into my head that instant, a few days after this "Beach Bunny" was born.

Not long after my friend decided to grab this bunny from me, it's hard to seperate from instant art favourites of yours but I'm always super glad when it's to friends, cause than I get to see it here and again.

So this is my take on a DIY Bugs Bunny monochrome vinyl figure. The first photos show my quick planning of aligning the beach on the figure itself.


  • 12 inches tall
  • 10 colors paint palette
  • Monochrome white base
  • Vinyl material
  • DIY figure by: Leblon-Delienne and Artoyz Originals.