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A mask brought from a visit to Venice, Italy in 2014. The place is swarmed with the venetian masks, blanks or custom made.

Many of the masks custom made there have a steampunk take, after a few days and stops at a couple of those shops, I found myself in one which looked very old and run in the family for years.

The shop looked small outside, but held tons of different masks inside. Tough pick, but all of them were exceptionally crafted. Back home I went into a few mostly home supply stores, bought all sorts of weird gadgetry and started sketching.

With so many items I purchased to incorporate in the design, my flow was gone. I decided to just wing it, start and resume with anything coming along which works. I really enjoyed making it and it was my biggest electronics under taking to date, there was a lot to learn especially as I custom ordered the printed circuit board, a lot of calculations were in order. The photos below show some parts of the painting process, painting the main colors of the mask took around 20 layers. After that came all the moss, rust and scratchiness effects.

There was never one true story behind this mask, but I always looked at it like a monster lurking in the abyss. Where it came from? No one knows!


  • Two custom printed PCBs (OSHPark services).
  • 3 blue LEDs, 8 channel EL wire with 12v EL Inverter
  • SparkFun EL Escudo Dos shield controller.
  • Sound activation with sensitivity control knob.
  • Potentiometer / switch light show control.